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About us

Welcome to the Web-site of the company "Vector+VK"

We thank You for Your interest shown to the work of our organization. We hope that on the pages of the site You will find information useful for You.
Range of out production is constantly increasing, and we will be glad to include by Your request any articles to Your order. We wish You good luck.

Dear Sirs!

    For achieving the best results in the work of a laboratory the following is necessary:
  • high quality of laboratory and medical devices
  • guarantee and reliability
  • moderate prices
  • prompt delivery
  • flexible accounts The company "Vector+VK" can offer You all of this.

The company was founded in 2001. The main direction of our activity is delivery of laboratory, medical equipment and chemicals. We can offer You a broad range of devices for complex equipping of laboratories. For the period of work our honorary clients became:

  • Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan Republic
  • Ministry of labour and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Republic
  • Ministry of environmental protection of Kazakhstan Republic
  • State sanitary-and-epidemiological inspection of the city of Astana
  • Medical centre of the Administrative department of the President of Kazakhstan Republic
  • State institution "Seismological experimental-and-methodical expedition of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan Republic"

Owing to that we work closely with a customer and head for solution of particular tasks, we try, where it is possible, to provide devices with methods of metering and proof preparation.
If necessary, there is carried out a training of working with devices delivered.

    All kinds of activity of "Vector+VK" Ltd are licensed.
  • State license for pharmaceutical activity.
    #OP64703174P dated by June 3, 2002.
  • State license for occupation with a kind of activity: purchase and sale of poisons.
    #0001116 dated by November 15, 2002.

Beginning from July of 2007, "Vector+VK" Ltd is an authorized dealer of "GLOBAL-Export GmbH" and presents its interests on sale and service of trade programs of the following firms:

Also, our company is an official representative of the enterprise "Antech" LLC, one of the leading creators and manufacturers of potentiometric devices (ion meters, sodium analyzers, pH-meters, nitrate analyzers, oxygen meters, industrial transformers, etc) in the Republic of Belarus and in the countries of CIS.

За годы работы у нас сложились партнерские и дружеские отношения со многими поставщиками и производителями лабораторного и медицинского оборудования. Среди них:

Owing to broad friendly contacts, we can deliver, put in order and start up necessary equipment at the earliest possible date.

We hope for effective cooperation.


ТОО "ВЕКТОР+ВК" - представляет на рынке Казахстана продукцию фирмы "Testo AG" (Германия)..

Контрольно-измерительные приборы. ТОО "ВЕКТОР+ВК" является авторизованным дилером фирмы КИМО на территории Казахстана.

ТОО "Вектор+ВК" - Комплексное оснащение лабораторий

Невская Лаборатория - лучшие решения в области лабораторного оборудования

"Vector+VK" Ltd
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